Hot Tub Steps

Hot tub steps are an essential accessory for any hot tub, to ensure your friends and loved ones are safe when entering and exiting your hot tub.

Replace your old wooden steps that could cause injury, with our sturdy, attractive hot tub steps, designed to match your hot tub’s exterior cabinetry.
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Hot Tub Covers

We carry only the best hot tub covers available. It’s possible to find less expensive covers, but our experience has shown that the less expensive covers just don’t last in our wet, coastal climate.

Our hot tub covers are custom fitted to your hot tub and designed with a 4″ to 3″ taper, to shed rain and last longer. We offer a free on-site service to guarantee the fit of your new hot tub cover.
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Hot Tub Cover Lifters

A hot tub cover lifter will save your cover and your back. A must-have accessory for any hot tub, we carry a variety of styles to suit your hot tub and your surrounding space. Choose from simple cover shelves to hydraulic assisted hot tub cover lifters that make lifting your cover easy. Tub-mounted or deck-mounted options are available.

A hot tub cover lifter will reduce the wear and tear associated with dragging the cover off your hot tub and resting it on the ground or against a wall. Depending on the style and mounting, hot tub cover lifters can provide an unobstructed view, or provide privacy from a neighbouring home. We have the right option to suit your style.
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